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Unterschied zwischen Kaltwalzen und Warmwalzen

Zeit: 2022-11-09 Zugriffe: 1

Unterschied zwischen Kaltwalzen und Warmwalzen


Hot rolling means forming and rolling steel at a high temperature above 1000℃, which is generally used for large components, high-pressure vessels, etc. Cold rolling is usually rolled at room temperature, which is beautiful and is often used for decoration, kitchen utensils, etc.

1.Warmgewalzter Edelstahl:

It takes slab (mainly continuous casting slab) as raw material, and after heating, it is made into strip steel by roughing mill and finishing mill. The hot steel strip from the last finishing mill is cooled to the set temperature by laminar flow, and then rolled into steel strip coils by coiler. The cooled steel strip coils are processed by different finishing lines (leveling, straightening, transverse cutting or longitudinal cutting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) according to different requirements of users, and become steel plate, flat coil and longitudinal cutting steel strip products.

<strong>Ihre Vorteile:</strong>

Destroy the casting structure of steel ingot, make the steel structure dense, make the grain fine, and eliminate the microstructure defects.

The hot-rolled stainless steel has good toughness and ductility and low price.

The torsion resistance of hot-rolled stainless steel is better than that of cold-rolled stainless steel.


The residual stress caused by uneven cooling makes the hot rolling deformation, stability and fatigue resistance of stainless steel poor.

The mechanical properties of stainless steel hot rolling are far less than those of stainless steel cold rolling.


2.Cold rolled stainless steel

It is processed and rolled on the basis of hot-rolled stainless steel plates and coils, generally speaking, it is a process of hot rollingBeizencold rolling. Although the steel plate will be heated by rolling during processing, it is still called cold rolling. Due to the cold rolling after continuous cold deformation, the mechanical properties are poor and the hardness is too high. Only after annealing can its mechanical properties be restored, and those without annealing are called rolled hard coils. Hard rolled coils are generally used to make products without bending or stretching.

<strong>Ihre Vorteile:</strong>

the molding speed is fast, the yield is high, and the coating is not damaged.

Strong plastic deformation ability and high yield point.


Stainless steel cold-rolled surface has no scale, good quality and high dimensional accuracy.


The wall thickness of stainless steel cold-rolled section steel is small, and the ability to bear local concentrated load is weak.

Residual stress still exists in the section after forming, which makes the cold rolling buckling performance of stainless steel worse.

Low toughness, easy to twist when bent, easy to bend and buckle when pressed, poor torsional performance and expensive price.